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 !!ACTIVITY FOR KIDS!!(making picture frames..)

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PostSubject: !!ACTIVITY FOR KIDS!!(making picture frames..)   !!ACTIVITY FOR KIDS!!(making picture frames..) Empty2008-06-01, 19:40

Decorating a picture frame

Old to-be-discarded photoframes or those cheap ones you find in flea markets can be made to look dazzling with a bit of imagination.

Things you need:

Old photo frame of wood, acrylic or papier mache
Colours - acrylic or oil paints
Marble paper or recycled gift-wrapping paper

Lets Begin

An old wooden frame would be very ideal. There are ways and ways in which to decorate this. One of the ways is to simply paint just about any design you can think of with acrylic colours. You can have a leaves-trellis running around the edges with small flowers.

Paint it blue or black to depict the sky. With white colour paint stars, moon and other planets or clouds floating.

Paint small squares, triangles, circles and other shapes of different sizes on the frames.

You can place some light and fluffy material like bird feathers, leaves, petals or even grain husks on it and let it gently adhere to the wet colour or stick it with glue after the paint dries up.

Tiny seashells and cowries can be stuck with fevicol on the edges of the frame to give it a sea-theme.

Or simply cut paper strips, (do this by hand, and not by scissors so that the white torn edges of the paper are exposed) and stick them to give an appearance of a collage.

!!ACTIVITY FOR KIDS!!(making picture frames..) Done
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!!ACTIVITY FOR KIDS!!(making picture frames..)
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