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 Tere Liye....Dedicated to my Love

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Tere Liye....Dedicated to my Love Empty
PostSubject: Tere Liye....Dedicated to my Love   Tere Liye....Dedicated to my Love Empty2008-12-18, 18:17


humesha unhi rasto pe chalte hai,
jin pe der se khade hai,
sare palon ko palkon se chunte hai,
tere liye hi to jhukte hai,
jameen mai kahin mitti mai,
chipi ho khushiyan to,
anchal se chaan kar,
dukh alag aur khushiyan,
tujhko dede,
har baar is koshish mai,
hatho mai kuch kankar aa jate hai,
ankho mai mitti ki kirkiri aur hatheliyon,
pe kankron se kuch jakhm ban jate hai,
hume pata hai koi kisi ko kuch nahi ,
deta hai,
in lakiro mai to pehle se hi sab kuch,
likha hota hai.

Tere Liye....Dedicated to my Love 1zv643s
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Tere Liye....Dedicated to my Love
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