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 Adnan Sami gets threatening calls

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PostSubject: Adnan Sami gets threatening calls   Adnan Sami gets threatening calls Empty2008-12-11, 22:04

Adnan Sami gets threatening calls


Adnan Sami gets threatening calls
Pakistani singer-composer Adnan Sami has reportedly been getting threatening calls ever since the terror attacks in Mumbai, asking him to leave the city immediately.

According to a concerned friend of his: "The calls started coming soon after that horrendous Wednesday (Nov 26). The command was simple, 'Leave Mumbai immediately or be killed'. At first Adnan took the threatening calls with a pinch of salt. After all, he has been targeted ever since he made Mumbai his home 10 years ago. A group of musicians have been constantly campaigning to get him out."

But soon the threats got frequent and increasingly persistent in tone.

"That's when Adnan decided that this time it was more serious than before. For the first time, he became seriously worried for himself and his wife Sabah," said the friend who did not want to be named.

Apparently Adnan sought security from the authorities, but he later decided to get his own security.

"He now moves around with four bouncers and four armed men provided by a security agency. These security personnel accompany him everywhere. They stay in his house, go to concerts and other social occasions with him. Adnan is seriously worried about his life. He has told very close friends the name of the organisation that should be held responsible if something untoward was to happen to him," the friend added.

When contacted, Adnan was reluctant to speak on the sensitive subject.

"Where did you hear about it? I guess the security is so visible one can't really hide the reason behind it. I won't say much on this. But I will ask one thing. What have I done?"

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Adnan Sami gets threatening calls
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