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 Missing You My Dear

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PostSubject: Missing You My Dear   Missing You My Dear Empty2008-12-06, 18:03

Missing You My Dear 1006254luundo82q3

Missing You My Dear 2l9mrs8
It was just a little note
A simple minute note sent with lots of love,
Posted on the spur of the moment
With a prayer to God ab
Missing You My Dear 2l9mrs8
To a friend not seen for many years
Never dreaming a fleeting thought
Could arrive right at a tragic time
A heart needful of the words she wrote.
Missing You My Dear 2l9mrs8
For life had become meaningless
Full of darkness and despair,
With no hope to heave another breath
The heavy weight just too much to bear.
But, that hasty note arrived in time
And touched her heart with care
A little love, somebody thinking of me
A life for me to share.
She read that skimpy note over and over
Pouring over it, clutching it to her heart
With tears soaking into her pillow
It was just enough.
Missing You My Dear 2l9mrs8
Unsuspected, just a little thought
A tiny shaft of light,
Some hope to live for...
To make it through the night.
Then a sweet phone call on the dawn
And old friends were together once more,
God brought about a miracle
To mend that heart so torn.
Missing You My Dear 2l9mrs8
The thought could have been quenched
A life lost in deepest sorrow,
I'm thinking of you is all
The heavenly love shared
For the gift of another tomorrow.

Missing You My Dear 1006254luundo82q3

Missing You My Dear 153246073ceea8212b04b532fea96e96809bf76
Missing You My Dear 1006254luundo82q3

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Missing You My Dear
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