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 Broken Dreams

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PostSubject: Broken Dreams   Broken Dreams Empty2008-12-05, 01:02

Broken Dreams

Our hopes, our dreams
That lie deep within our souls
This is what we all hold

Even if you don't show it
I know it's there
The truth which lies, within your eyes
All the pain and hurt, thats kept from the world

I know what it feels like
So let me help
I promise I'll make it better
And mend your once shattered heart

Listen to me, listen good
You may think it's pointless in saying this
And you may think I'm stupid in doing so
But these words, so blunt yet powerful
Gave me back my life, and began to mend my broken soul

' When we close our eyes
Dreams arise
We hope; we wish; we pray
For everything to be that way '

' So don't give up hope
And keep on praying
For your wish may come true
This I promise you '

' Dreams will become a reality
And your fairytale life will come alive
Then you'll finally realize '

That though my words were blunt
They helped
And mended your wounded heart
Do you now realize?
That it was I that saved you from falling apart

Now looking back, I know you must laugh
When you thought this world could do without you
When you believed I could live without you
For the truth is, I need you

It was not by chance when we crossed paths
We are like fire and ice
Though opposites we still attract

So share your pain
And you shall see
I could help you
And make your dreams a reality

"Love and desire are the spiritís wings to great deeds"
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Broken Dreams
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