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 Believe me I'm Ur Friend

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PostSubject: Believe me I'm Ur Friend   Believe me I'm Ur Friend Empty2008-12-04, 13:02

I have found a dearest friend
I’m so glad now we are friends
Yes I know your bit stupid
But I must understand you right

Believe me when I say “ I am your Friend “
Believe my promise I will be there now and ever
No matter how busy I will make time for you
To laugh together and also to cay together

When you feel no one is there
When you think no one cares
Come and catch my hand will you
I will never let you to cry

I find my self to do more for you
In way small and ways impotent
In ways you in need me most
I will do any thing that trust my word

We have changed our names each
I am lucky and you are “Heart “
You are such a good friend to me
I leave not you I am here always for you………….
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Believe me I'm Ur Friend
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