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Age : 26
I live in : βคηgคl☼яє
Job/hobbies : Chatting, Writing poems on love,Playing Cricket & Football,Singing,making New Friends.
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PostSubject: The Way ur   The Way ur Empty2008-12-04, 12:34

The way your skin reflects the sun
The way your eyes glisten in the rain
The way your hair covers your eyes
And your smile takes away the pain.

The way you have the cutest face
And the way you love to stare
The way that I love you so much
And the way you'll always care.

The way you tell a story
And the way you make me laugh
That's the way you make me smile
That's not all I love, only half.

The way you love to kiss my cheek
And hold me from behind
Makes me smile and turn around
In your arms, there you will find.

You're beautiful when you're asleep
You're so peaceful snoring sounds
You have a touch that touches the heart
Never wanting to turn around.

The way you love to love me
And the way that your love shows
The way that makes me love you more
A love you'll never know.

You're perfect in every possible way
There's nothing that you're missing
Every second I'm without you
With you is what I'm wishing.
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The Way ur
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