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 Language Of Love

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Job/hobbies : Chatting, Writing poems on love,Playing Cricket & Football,Singing,making New Friends.
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PostSubject: Language Of Love   Language Of Love Empty2008-12-04, 11:37

Language Of Love Thing-called-love
The first drizzled rain drop on me
Where have you been all these days?
The first written poem about me
Where have you been till today?

The first clinched cool breeze on me
Where have you been so long?
The first kissed rhythmic music
Where have you been echoed daily?

If plow the ground, you will find water
Same way, open your heat to see me dear
If gather the sound, you will hear song
Likewise, gather your thought to look me near

If you pinch the sky, you will shower in rain
Similarly unlock your soul, to notice me ever
If you tear the night, you will observe light
Alike open your vision, to know my passion

The language of the leaf towards the flower
The language of the waves towards the shore
The language of the earth towards the sky
The same will be the language of my love dear

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Language Of Love
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