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 The Cry Of a Lonely Soul

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PostSubject: The Cry Of a Lonely Soul   The Cry Of a Lonely Soul Empty2008-12-03, 12:41

The Cry Of a Lonely Soul 613550kqs8n5izc5

"Please, Someone! Help me!"
Cried a tired and lonely soul.

Is there no one who cares?

Will I always be alone?
Often I've helped others,

Just to show them I care.
Only to be hurt again,

When they act like I'm not there.
I 've never asked for praise
Or a gift for what I do.
Just a simple, "Thank you,"

Is all I ask from you.
My mother told me a long time ago
Of a Saviour she knows.
"Even when no one is there,"

She said, "I never feel alone."

She told me that He died for ME,
A horrible death on Calvary.
She said, "He is the Son of God,

Sent to earth to set us free."

I'm told I have to make a choice,
Between eternal life or death.
And it's a path I must take alone.

I' was confused, I must confess.

Since this life I live today
Has nothing left for me,
I will do just what she said.

"Jesus, will you please help me?"

"Oh God! Will you please
Forgive me for my sins?
Let Jesus' death on Calvary,

Cleanse my soul within.
"Please let the risen Saviour
Come live within my heart.

Thank you, God, for your Son,
And for my brand new start."
I love these words jesus
Live within me an i live within him
Thank you my lord for loving me
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The Cry Of a Lonely Soul
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