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 I Need You To Take or Kill This Pain

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I Need You To Take or Kill This Pain Empty
PostSubject: I Need You To Take or Kill This Pain   I Need You To Take or Kill This Pain Empty2008-11-30, 19:06

Don't you know I've tried hard to let go
Let this pain die
But it would not die
It haunted me so bad where I didn't want to live
Don't you understand that
That I need you
Need you to take this pain away
Kill this pain
I don't want it anymore
I just need you
And I wish you knew
But since we don't talk much anymore its hard
Hard to smile
Hard to laugh
All I can do is cry
Only you can make me happy
Oh how I wish you knew that this pain is taking over me
Pain torching me
Digging into my skin
I'm trying to stay alive but thats hard to do
When all you feel is this agonizing pain
Pain from head to toe
Oh I wish you knew how bad I need you
Boy I want you don't you get it
Don't you understand what you mean to me
What you do to me
I can never get you off my mind
And while I'm thinking about you
I wonder if you are the only reason why I'm here
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I Need You To Take or Kill This Pain
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