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 Be freinds - Forever

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PostSubject: Be freinds - Forever   Be freinds - Forever Empty2008-11-30, 18:27

Be freinds - Forever Flowers

I want you to know; I am really

Happy to have the kind of friendship

I have with you. I love it because

It's true and real and trusting.

Because it does my heart and soul

Good to know that I'm going to be

Here for you and you for me

When there are need that need

To be tended to, when there are

Feelings that need to be felt, and

When there are smiles that simply

Need to be shared in the company

Of someone who really cares.

I don't know if I could ever

Completely describe to you how

Important our friendship is to me.

But it is so much a part of all

That is good in my world.

Sometimes you feel like a gift

That was given to my days to

Make sure that they would always

Have some happiness in them, more

Than once, I have felt that

I wouldn't trade for anything

Anytime, anywhere.

I have dreams in my life that

May never come true, travels

I may never take, goals I may

Not be able to reach, and

Hopes that might always be just

Beyond my horizons. But I

Want you to know that whether

My wishes come true or whether

They disappear altogether,

I Will always feel like one of

The luckiest people in the world

Because I have a friend - in you.

And because we're going to

Be friends - forever.

Be freinds - Forever Flowers
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Be freinds - Forever
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