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 In The Garden Of Ur heart

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An expression of passion of feelings with purity

In the garden of your heart
It's where I want to be always.
Let me be the only woman in this world
So I can slowly sculpture
Your sensual pleasures.
So you could finish exhausted
In the universe of my arms and body.
And that way, you know that
I'm your only true love.
I want to love you in silence,
So you can lose any of my seduction.
So you can smell the fragrances
That my body and kisses will give you
As the touch of my hands will lift you
To the heaven's above.
In every drop of passion you will smell
The fragrance of love for me.
I want to be your love and deepest desire
That you will crave and yearn for life,
I want to be the breeze that gently touches your soul,
And be the thunder of your whispers;
That one that will keep you wondering
For the rest of your life of this immense
And beautiful and wonderful love
I feel for you...I would like to be your shadow of love.
I want to be the fire
That will enflame your being.
I want you to remember me
For the essence that my body releases
Because I am in love with your heart.
Your love is the one that takes me deeper
To the passion and desires of your heart and soul.
I need to bathe in the ocean of your passions
And feel the wetness of the waves of your love
That way my burning flames can be
Put out, because it is burning with the heat of your soul,
For the absence of your kisses,
And the embrace of the humidity of your body...
For that taste of your skin
That I have in my being
I have you deep inside of me
You can do with me what you like
I am tied up in chains for you,
Since I want to be your slave of love
For all eternity and beyond;
With desires and thoughts and feelings for you
For all eternity in love forever more with you
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In The Garden Of Ur heart
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