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PostSubject: The main moto   The main moto Empty2008-11-26, 15:54

Timely fashion we need to implement some changes in us, to be in the flow of time, we need to explore new ways to travel.

With the main thought in our mind we have establishes this Nil n Nilu forum. The main moto behind forming such a beautiful place is We have to bring all our friends in a common platform. Which will fill up the communication gap between our internet friends. A common place where we can share our thought, a place where we can make new friends, have good relationship with others, have a lots of things to share, celebrate each others happiness and be with our friend in his/her down time.

With such things keeping in mind, we have formed a small family of friends and Named as
Nil "n" Nilu

From the last year Nil "n" Nilu forum has faced so many problems and trobles, but with the so many member friends with us we have tackle all kinds of problem. This credit truely goes to our Friends, who helped in managing things on the forum.

This was the basic things which we had in mind while setting up forum.

Now as we seen Forum is strong enough and challenging to our rival forums.
So we have setup some future goals for this.

To run such kind of huge community, and managing issues with the service provider needs a money. To purchase and renew licences and all.

So that we have added a paypal account in the forum, in that one can donate for forum, as a wellwisher.

With the setup of target we have moved our steps forward, and now in the upcomming days you will see the new things here. We are increasing our limits from Forum to Site and Blogs.

We are launching our site where you can find the lots of material and things to enjoy and useful to you.

Blogs as also be the medium of the new ways of entertaiment.

with such a goals for future, we are moving on the ways to be in the top of Entertainment.

With the Beneficial support from Our Friends we are Now a Big Family.

And we always need your Support and Love.


Keep the forum live... Keep Posting
Team work Builds A World
Lets build A small World Of our own!! !!
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The main moto
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