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PostSubject: DROWNING TREATMENT!!   DROWNING TREATMENT!! Empty2008-11-16, 16:01

Anyone who has been prevented from drowning should always get professional medical treatment even if they seem to have recovered.

What is it?
Drowning normally occurs when air can't get into the lungs, usually because a small amount of water has entered them. Drowning can also be caused by a throat spasm.

First aid aims
Restore breathing
Keep casualty warm
Take casualty to hospital

If you are rescuing casualty from water, keep their head lower than body at all times (to prevent inhalation of fluids)
Lay casualty on back, open airway and check breathing
Cover in warm blanket and reassure them
Don't attempt to force water from casualty's stomach

Further actions
Prepare to offer resuscitation if needed
Watch the casualty for symptoms of hypothermia and treat accordingly
Place casualty in recovery position so water can drain from their mouth
Call 999, even if they seem to have recovered completely

Electrocution (low voltage)
If you try to help a victim of electrocution, it's essential to check they're not still 'live'.

What is it?
An electrical current passing through the body can stop breathing and disrupt the heart's activity. The casualty's body may still be 'live' when help arrives.

The casualty's body may still be in spasm and unable to release whatever caused the electrocution. There may be burns to the body where the current has entered and exited. The casualty may be unconscious.

First aid aims
Ensure casualty can be rescued without danger to anyone else
Disconnect casualty from electricity source
Treat any further problems, such as burns

Don't touch casualty because they may be 'live'
Disconnect casualty from power source, either at the mains or by pushing away whatever is conducting the current using an insulating material, for instance a wooden stick
Check casualty's response
Open airway
Prepare for resuscitation
Call 999

Further action
Prepare to treat any burnssustained by casualty.

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