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 Beauty is U

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PostSubject: Beauty is U   Beauty is U Empty2008-10-14, 22:21

When I look into your eyes beauty is you.
Your love is so pure, innocent, and true.

I am wrapped in a warm blanket of your love
You cover my body like a hand in a glove.

You have given me a new life I never thought could be true.
Your heart and soul reflect a beauty that could only be you

You have realeased this wanting heart and set her life in fire.
You are now her only want and desire.

You have touched her heart deeper than any other
I want you forever to be my friend and lover

I want to share my life with you and make memories that last for days
You have been a gift God has bestowed upon me and I feel I can never repay

Looking deep into the heart of a man so true.
All she knows is the beauty that is you.
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Beauty is U
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