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 US Visa Interview Tips

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PostSubject: US Visa Interview Tips   US Visa Interview Tips Empty2008-10-06, 11:30

Various people are looking to reside in USA for which visa is required. The US Visa is issued at US Embassy located in important regions of different countries located in the world. The US Visa issued to the applicants on the basis of interview taken by the visa officer. The non refundable fee is charged for the interview to get conducted by Visa officer for permanent immigration in United States.

There are certain tips which need to be considered by visa applicant in order to increase the success chances for availing US Immigration Visa.

-The applicant need to mention the reason of immigration to Visa officer without any hesitation. He should prepare points which can be helpful to satisfy the concern of visa officer.

-Practice the answers for the possible questions to be asked by the visa officer at the time of interview. Take your own time and give the answers to consulate visa officer with confidence and clearly. Repeat the session again and gain which can help in regaining confidence in you which can prove to be fruitful at the time of interview.

-Approach the embassy on time before the start time of interview. Late entry in interview hall creates negative impact in the mind of visa officer. Wish him with a confident smile at the time of first meeting visa officer. There should not be any sign of nervousness, trembling, which can deduct your points. Answer all the questions looking in the eyes o the visa officer.

-The visa applicant need to wear a formal dress at the time of interview with visa officer. As the visa officer is an American, the applicant should come for interview wearing a tie. This creates a positive impact in the mind of visa officer as the Americans always like formal dress up of an individual.

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US Visa Interview Tips
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