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 $$ Online Game... Get Set Go.... $$

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PostSubject: $$ Online Game... Get Set Go.... $$   $$ Online Game... Get Set Go.... $$ Empty2008-09-26, 01:33

I know you are very Glad to see me back...

What you Said .... NO

Okey Yaaro ... NO problems :)... Just Doing Fun ..

I had attended 1 Seminar in our city which is on the

"Emerging Technology and Computer Games".
That was organized by non-other but

The man from Microsoft has started his code by asking one Question.
The Que. was : Do you have computers?
We all said : Yes we do have..

His Next Que: What do u do on your Computers?
The random answers comes up: Surfing, Chating, Downloading,Coding,exchange of info, projects etc etc ..

He then returned: Dont you play games on computers?
Only few of us has raised hands.

Then he told us:
All begins by keeping in mind only usefulness... when the compueter comes the main usage is od playing games on it. and that have made so much money even now. After that it bifurgated into different uses.

So he told all Do play Computer Games..

This will relax yourself from hectic work, Load, Tension....
Enhance your Mind power also... your Problem solving Capability..

We have recently Launched a Online Games to all our Nil n Nilu members.
This is really a new Era to our users and friends.
And i must say no other Forum and Group would have such capability and globe to do that.

This is just a beginning ..wait and watch how muchh fun we will bring for you..

Speacial Thanks to our friend: Champ
Admin Team
Nil N Nilu

!! Some Rules Never Gonaa Be Change !!
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$$ Online Game... Get Set Go.... $$
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