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 Boredom The Killing enemy within us.......

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Boredom  The Killing  enemy within  us....... Empty
PostSubject: Boredom The Killing enemy within us.......   Boredom  The Killing  enemy within  us....... Empty2008-09-11, 17:03

Many youngsters, having a heap of money to throw away, are bored. The trouble with them is boredom. They want something to happen. Depressed at having nothing to do, youngsters become delinquent.

Huxley says: "Every man who knows how to read has in him, the power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant and interesting." Many talented young men are crushed by a load of unworthiness that goes on accumulating because they make no effort to shatter self-imposed feeling of ennui. Boredom comes from lack of interest in the world around you. The world is fascinating, bafflingly. Yet, you go about life as if there is nothing interesting in it. No wonder, you are bored. When you are bored, you lash for something to happen. You are like a person standing at the road crossing waiting for an accident to happen!

When it happens boredom disappears. Suppose you are sitting home, doing nothing. You yawn. You look at a magazine, flick through the pages, and toss it away. A sure sign that you are bored. You have nothing at hand which can be called interesting. Now, switch the scene. Suddenly, you get a call from a friend who invites you to watch a movie in which you are also interested. You are galvanized. Transformed. No more yawning. You are vibrant, full of vitality. You dress up, perfume yourself and hot-foot go to join your friend. How has this transformation taken place? You have found something which interests you, and has stirred your heartstrings.

[center]You get a "kick". Many youngsters, having a heap of money to throw away, are bored. They have nothing to interest them. The trouble with them is boredom. Hence, they go about doing rash driving, bashing anyone coming their way. They want something to happen. A happening creates interest. Depressed at having nothing to do, youngsters become delinquent. The boy brooding for hours in his house, takes his father's revolver, fires at his own friend, and kills him. Innocent but fatal. Result of boredom! The canker of boredom has entered into the lives of every segment of society. Attitudes to life's activity have been affected. People who flock to vanity fairs, women who converge at kitty parties, youth who dance and drink at discos think that their life has nothing worthwhile or interesting to offer.

Boredom  The Killing  enemy within  us....... Bored-girl-student-sleeps-in-classroom-IC5009-88

Youngsters are bored because their inherent powers are not being utilized. If they give their mind, imagination, their power of observation, something to occupy them, will banish the idea that life is a big bore. The reality is that life is not bore, it is more. If it is so, there must be something else to it, and that is your own self, your outlook, your attitude which cries out for fulfillment. Youngsters are bored because they come up against something or other, and make no effort to get rid of it by going to the pit of it.

You come up to a difficult word. Do you go to the dictionary to get its meaning? Dora Albert says, "Unless you talk to your next door neighbour, you will never find out what makes him tick. I am fully convinced that if you find someone un -interesting, it may be because of some emptiness in you." Nothing is lost upon a man who is bent on growth. Nothing is wasted if you are ever preparing yourself for a career or better job. You gain manifold if you keep your eyes open, mind eager like a sponge for experiences and opportunities. What we must do is to find ways of helping ourselves to develop mental qualities so that life becomes exciting, like Newton at the sea-shore, picking beautiful pebbles. The problem of boredom revolves around the life purpose, career and once you have faced this issue many things fall into place.

During leisure hours, numerous talents can be used, both for enriching your own mind and giving enlightenment to others. Each person has some talent but until he knows himself he will not be able to use the gift in the best possible way. Anil Kumble started his career as a pace bowler but found his forte was spin. The use or misuse of talent depends upon having an aim in life, and this in turn uncoils the springs of inspiration. You need to discard this idea that you are merely a cog in a machine which remains an impersonal force working without rhyme or reason.

Recognize yourself as an individual for creative work. In fact, every one has a wonderful power waiting to be tapped. But beware of those who have time but do not know how to use it. These chronophages come to you, sponge on your time and leave. You are the loser. You become bored, tired, and listless. You are not a robot. Your mind is constructive. It must become a habit, now that leisure time is giving you the freedom to choose your own pursuits. The computer age demands a greater sense of personal responsibility for without the right ideals, creative energies degenerate into mere time-killing amusements which are endured instead of being enjoyed. You have to train yourself in searching out the riches of your mind. You need to immerse in something greater than your own self before you can adopt positive viewpoints or become inspired. Poet John Keats did not let Fannys rejection dampen his poetic aspirations. He delved deeper into his self and discovered a wealth of creative forces. Boredom is a terrible affliction because those suffering from it have never learnt to look beyond themselves. They sink, without diving and exploring. They remain wrapped up in mental cocoons. They fail to develop absorbing hobbies, and are depressed.

Boredom is a terrible affliction because those suffering from it have never learnt to look beyond themselves. They sink, without dividing and exploring. They remain wrapped up in mental cocoons.

[center]What happens when bored minds seek outlets for their energies? Drinking, eve-tensing and vandalism is, of course, one. But if this energy is directed in constructive action, you gain from it. Hobbies and sports are important. This is why better road systems, national parks, playing fields, centers and reserves are essential. You can change by seeking out hidden talents. What about the local library, museum, art centre, some history society, club, group where all interaction is possible? It is never too late to start out along new lines. There is no subject which will not yield a fascinating series of discoveries provided you are eager to find out all you can about a particular subject. Rukhsar complaints that she has no talent, but the mere action of observing and thinking about things in a positive manner is sufficient in itself to enable her to spur her. She is my student. I told her that she could jump over her doubts, and set about the task of getting the results she aspires. She improved her grades in the following examination. Creativeness comes when the mind responds to a challenge. When ideas plus enthusiasm become a driving force, they drive away boredom.

[size=12]The bored mind is restless during leisure hours, and never stays at one subject for very long, but flirts in aimless fashion. It is an excellent idea to do things which combine outdoor pursuits and indoor interests like stamp collecting, reading good literature, studying science or listening to inspiring music. Raj Kapoor could play fourteen musical instruments. John Dalton, the chemist who formulated the atomic theory, was fond of playing guitar. Gladstone took pleasure in studying Homer. Albert Einstein enjoyed music and playing his violin, while Sir Winston Churchill liked to paint and compile histories. Lord Brougham remarked: "Blessed is the man that hath a hobby." Without a hobby one lives in a mental vacuum where fears and phobias take control of idle thoughts. People unable to take advantage of leisure time pursuits become glum and gloomy. Their life is a nightmare of frustration. Cultivate interests. Useful information helps us. More is required than reading newspapers and watching television. Unless you widen your mental horizon, boredom is bound to trail you. What about talents neglected during college? Many liked sketching, music, natural history, drama, geology, along with numerous other subjects, but somehow these were discarded when you began job hunting. Why not re-discover such treasures and make them count at the present time? Watch your emotions. Your attitude is governed by pyretic, fear, or hate. These recoil upon you, and you feel tight inside which produces boredom. Guard against the negative. Substitute it with the positive. It is fun to realize that you are changing the greatest machine god has made— human mind.

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Boredom The Killing enemy within us.......
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