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 Decorating Tricks

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Decorating Tricks

There's plenty you can do to make your rooms seem larger than they really are. Here are some tips and tricks used by professionals.

With the spiraling costs of real estate, many of us live in apartments that are smaller than we consider ideal. The ceilings are too low, the rooms are too narrow or small, there is not enough light - and so on. However, there's plenty you can do to make your rooms seem larger than they really are, with the help of optical illusions. Here are some tips and tricks.

Tiny rooms

If your rooms are very small and boxy, you could make them appear larger by painting one wall darker than the others. In your bedroom, however, you could achieve this effect by placing wall to wall cupboards along one of the walls. If your room is rectangular, select one of the two narrower walls for your wardrobe. If your cupboard doesn't touch the roof, then paint the wall above the cupboard darker than the other walls.

Low ceilings

In this day and age it is unusual to come across high ceilings, especially in apartments. Although your ceiling may not be very low, if you could give the impression that they are higher than they really are, you will get a greater sense of space in your home.

First, select the colour you are going to paint your ceiling. Generally, white is the best bet. In addition, select a white moulding around your ceiling, or, if you want to cut costs, simply paint six inches of the top of your walls, white. This makes your ceilings appear higher.

Paint the walls a few shades darker than your ceiling, and, ideally, your floor should be a few shades darker than the wall. If you have opted for marble flooring, don't worry about it - that looks great too, but if the colours in your room are graded, with the floor the darkest, the walls, lighter and the ceilings, the lightest, you will definitely be adding height to your room.

Opt for low-lying furniture. Not only will this make your home seem far more spacious, but low-lying furniture can also look aesthetic and appealing. Place a very low table on the floor, and surround it by colourful floor cushions. This is, of course, very informal seating, but if you are a young couple and most of your friends just walk into your home and hang out, you could have this seating arrangement in your living room. If not, then you could replace the cushions with low chairs and sofas, and stick with the very low center table.

Draw attention to the floor by placing a colourful rug on it.

When selecting wall lamps, go in for those that reflect light upwards instead of downwards.

Narrow wall

If one of the walls is very narrow, paint it in a different colour to the rest of the walls and place a large mirror on the adjacent wall. If possible, use a full-length mirror or one that is as large as is feasible. The narrow wall will get reflected, and will appear to be double the size it really is. Mirrors can also be used opposite light sources to brighten up a room considerably.

These are just a few tricks used by interior decorators, to make a space seem larger than it is. Incorporate these tricks into your homes, and you will be delighted with the difference it makes!
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Decorating Tricks
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