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 !!*!! LEAVE ME IN TEARS !!*!!

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Heena khan
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!!*!! LEAVE ME IN TEARS !!*!! Empty
PostSubject: !!*!! LEAVE ME IN TEARS !!*!!   !!*!! LEAVE ME IN TEARS !!*!! Empty2008-07-05, 12:29

after all that we went through
u leave me in tears
where's the hunny that i know
you know all along that i love you all along
yet you leave me in tears.
you toy with my feelings and end up with my bestie
you hurt me and all u do is
to leave me in tears.
the hurt don't seem to end
it's killing me day by day.
now i know whats the meaning of love.
all i could say now is thanks for leaving me in tears.

!!*!! LEAVE ME IN TEARS !!*!! 9gjwxe
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!!*!! LEAVE ME IN TEARS !!*!!
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