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 What Love Means to Me

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What Love Means to Me Cupid4
What Love Means to Me

Love is a small word, but it means so much.
Love is never being alone.
It is endless like the ocean, it is strong like a diamond.
Love is playful as a kitten, it is soft like the feather from an angels wing.
It is like a raging storm of need. It feels like dancing mid air.
Love is giving yourself completely to another and expecting nothing in return.
It means affection, communication, friendship and relationship.
It is wanting or needing no other.
it is a caring touch, a gentle kiss, a loving smile and being lost in your eyes.
It is the bliss of making love.Your arms are my favourite place.
Love is a beautiful gift to share.
Love to me is everything.

"Love and desire are the spiritís wings to great deeds"
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What Love Means to Me
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