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 Still with You

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PostSubject: Still with You   Still with You Empty2008-06-04, 17:20

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This holiday season,
I'll still be there,
sharing your hopes,
your joys, and your cares.
I'll find joy in the holly,
in the great songs of old,
in the tree that sparkles
with silver and gold.
I'll still feel the magic
of the Christmas lights,
and I'll still warm your heart
on the cold winter nights.
Sometimes you'll feel me
as you pass through the crowds;
you'll brush my spirit and know
you do my heart proud.
You'll sense me sometimes
in a familiar place,
and you'll know I'm still moved
by your beauty and grace.
And you'll stop in your tracks,
close your eyes, and see clearly
that I'm still with you,
and I love you dearly.
And I'm thankful every day
that I still share your life
in this special way.
So don't grieve for me;
don't shed a tear,
because I'll always be with you
my spirit near.
I'll lend you my light
like the stars above,
and send you my heart
on the wings of love.

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Still with You
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