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 Rhyme-Time Riddles

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PostSubject: Rhyme-Time Riddles   Rhyme-Time Riddles Empty2008-06-03, 03:02

Rhyme-Time Riddles

What would you call a top-notch detective?
A super snooper

What would you call fishing gear used to catch chickens?
Cackle tackle

What would you call a murder detective?
A stabber nabber

What would you call a computer nerd from Athens?
A Greek Geek

What would you call a spirit that's been mooned?
A grossed ghost

What would you call a coop where ducks are kept?
A quack shack

What would you call a snack thief?
A Frito bandito

What would you call a wealthy tattletale?
A rich snitch

What would you call the lid on a popcorn maker?
A popper stopper

What would you call a talkative taxi driver?
A gabby cabby

Rhyme-Time Riddles Done
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Rhyme-Time Riddles
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