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 !!*!! I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!*!!

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Heena khan
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PostSubject: !!*!! I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!*!!   !!*!! I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!*!! Empty2008-05-18, 17:03

!!*!! I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!*!! 424843bshmcauw80
I know you probably know
I am not very good
At sharing my feelings
but, for a wonderful person like you, I will.
You have been around for years
and what a joy it has been.
Not only having a wonderful Great-Grandmother
but, also a special friend.
I still remember when I was younger
I'd come stay with you overnight.
And I'd awake to a beautiful woman
standing in the early morning sunlight.
You always were there for me
whenever I was in pain.
And now it's my turn to return a favor
and do the exact same thing.
So you just lay your head on my shoulder
and cry your painful tears.
And get rid of all those annoying things
like pain, sorrow, and fears.
I know all along my journey of life
you'll be there to help me through.
And that's why I want this time to say
Grandma, I love you.
!!*!! I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!*!! 424843bshmcauw80

!!*!! I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!*!! 9gjwxe
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